All children in Scotland should have access to musical education," she said. "Music should be open to all and access should be on a level playing field, not a postcode lottery. It is an issue of concern.

All children in the world should have access to musical education as well. Learning music should not be a privilege. Unfortunately, in the United States, many public schools don’t even have basic music education. This is definitely bad news bear to our society.

Quote Benedetti: “It’s a terrible thing to cheat on and take money away from,” … “Councils don’t realise that music lessons and children’s experiences with music are not just a nice, enjoyable added extra. … “Music can be something that could actually save money in the future. It’s something that can do so much for morale and communication skills and even learning, discipline and concentration. It’s a very short-sighted decision to be making.”

It doesn’t help if only musicians realize how important music education is for our next generations because usually we are not the people who are in power. By cutting out the budgets on music education, the higher authorities are not only cutting out a class but depriving children’s opportunities and killing the culture.

We are not asking to train all the children into world class musicians. However, it’s important for anyone to be able to appreciate music and have it as a part of their lives.

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Nicola Benedetti: music lesson fees are cheating pupils -

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